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Rustic Home

A custom home that was built to make you want to stay home.


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This beautiful home was designed to fit every need of the homeowners busy and relaxed lifestyle. Custom Auburn Ridge cabinetry was used throughout the home. Some features to note are the beautiful dark colored cabinetry and the custom storage areas.









The gorgeous millwork and woodwork details not only set off the cabinetry in the home but invite you to stay home and enjoy a night of relaxation.

An Idea. A Vision. A Dream.

Our Story

In 1898, the brand that would become Auburn Ridge began, like most things begin, with an idea, a vision, a dream. From an old lumber mill in Marshall, Wisconsin, to an innovative cabinet and millwork workshop, decades of tradition and craftsmanship seep through every inch of our building. The smell of freshly cut timber continues to permeate the air. Layers of sawdust fill the nooks and crannies, and like the rings of a tree, tell our history.


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